• Arka Tejarat Qeshm
Arka Tejarat Qeshm

By defeating all thoughts and ideas of our country (Iran) Arka Tejarat Qeshm. is moving side by side with other parts of Arka Group based on acquaintance and professional background and experience with the aim of supplying raw materials, equipment, and devices. . . for planning & production Dept in Arka Fidar Qeshm and securing all desired raw materials and related components for all industries specially the marine industry; for other companies and organs.
Arka Tejarat Qeshm is responsible for the followings:

      Financial assessment for domestic purchases and purchasing the requirements of the production and utilization deputy.
      With regard to the relation with the reliable manufacturers of equipments, instruments, engines, gearboxes, propellers, generators and…
      Reviewing and evaluating investment and development opportunities including setting up new businesses in the field of company activities, investment in country on-shore activities, checking profitability and cash flow, Technical feasibility and ultimately preparing business plans and business development activities in order to set up company development activities.
      Economic assessment and expanding Scientific and commercial relations with local organizations
      Closely interconnected with leading international companies in marine field and obtaining the representation of the mentioned companies.
      Exporting the produced goods
      Exporting non-manufactured products such as powdered aluminum, steel and etc.
      Management of Special Economic Conditions , importing different kinds of strategic items and the requirements of the production line
The main activities of this department are as follows:
      Supplying different kinds of marine engines and gear boxes
      Supplying different kinds of marine generators
      Supplying different kinds of navigation and communication systems
      Supplying different kinds of marine equipments
      Supplying different kinds of measurement equipments
      Manufacturing different kinds of steel structures and plastic and rubber components by having the reputable contractors
      Supplying different kinds of propellers and CCP systems
      Supplying different kinds of marine docks